For all of you would be theme designers, or if you just want to get your feet wet with one of my templates as a starting point, I present you with the Ultimate Diva Sandbox theme.

Basically, it’s a sandbox theme. It contains all the elements necessary to design a WordPress theme, however, the style.css file (though it contains all the CSS selectors) is completely devoid of styling.

The theme is, of course, free to download, use and modify as you see fit (please don’t redistribute it or post it elsewhere for download). The theme still falls under the terms of the theme use, however, the links in the footer aren’t required (this only applies to the Ultimate Diva Sandbox theme), though I’d appreciate it if you left them intact.

I’m making this theme available for download because some people like my code layout, but don’t want to create a theme themselves from scratch and have an issue with the terms of theme use for my other themes — UDS is a happy medium.

It’s basically a way for you to code your own theme, you just need to provide your own graphics and styling rules.

Preview » Ultimate Diva Sandbox
Download » Ultimate Diva Sandbox 1.0.0