I’m surprised to learn that there are some people out there who appreciate me and my title so much that they’ve decided to start calling themselves the WordPress Diva.

I just wanted to publish a quick note letting everyone know that this site has been the home of the original WordPress Diva since 2006 and though some people will try to ride the WP Diva wave, they aren’t the originals. (The original would use a WordPress theme she developed herself.) It’s flattering though. 🙂

In other news, I’ve decided that it’s time to sell the WP Diva brand and website. I had a great many things planned for the site, but unfortunately, not enough time to execute it all. The press release has already gone out and I will be updating this site with the screen shots of the site stats.

Interested parties can send an email to sale AT wpdiva DOT com. Remember to replace the AT with @ and DOT with a period.