Green Tea


Green Tea is a fixed width, two column WordPress theme done in various shades of light green, pale yellow, and white with hints of burnt-orange. Intended to be a light and refreshing theme for those days when you just need a pick me up. Continue reading »

Omit Needless Elements


Omit Needless Elements was inspired by rule #17 from The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. (In case you haven’t read it yet, rule #17 is omit needless words. Also, it’s rule #13 in the original.) Continue reading »

Pretty in Pink


The color pink doesn’t always need to be delicate. The goal of Pretty In Pink is to make the color pink a lot edgier than it normally is without forsaking its delicacy. Continue reading »



The Monochrome WordPress theme has a dark brown base color, and all additional colors are variations on the base color. Hence the name, Monochrome. Continue reading »

WordPress Themes Are NOT GPL, Too…

They are partly GPL.

What the Dev Blog’s post (WordPress Themes are GPL Too) glossed over is that only part of a WordPress theme is required to fall under GPL/compatible licensing.

Here’s a plain English translation:

  • PHP/JavaScript code that uses WordPress API/code = GPL or compatible
  • Graphics, CSS, JavaScript that aren’t derived from GPL licensed graphics, CSS, or Javascript = Whatever license the creator chooses

What that missive fails to understand is that most designers don’t necessarily give too much of a hoot about the underlying PHP code, it’s the graphics and styling. Continue reading »