The month of August was spent creating 31 free WordPress themes. (This was no small task, and quite honestly, I’m ready for a nap.)

The completed themes are listed below along with a link to its individual entry where you can download it.

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Pretty In Pink Screenshot

Pretty In Pink is, as you probably guessed, a WordPress theme with pink as the primary color. However, it has a healthy dose of black thrown in for some edge.

Read about and download Pretty In Pink »
Of Few Words Screenshot

Of Few Words is a dark — black and white — single column, fixed width WordPress theme geared towards bloggers who want to highlight their content as opposed to their sidebar.

Read about and download Of Few Words »
Green Tea Screenshot

Green Tea is a two column, fixed width WordPress theme done in various shades of light green, pale yellow, white, with hints of burnt orange.

Read about and download Green Tea »
Simple Blue Screenshot

Simple Blue is a two column, fixed width WordPress theme based on Google Reader. (Simple Blue does not use any graphics.)

Read about and download Simple Blue »
Home Sweet Home Screenshot

Home Sweet Home is a fluid, two column WordPress theme with a distinct real estate feel. It features larger than average font size, clean layout, and warm colors.

Read about and download Home Sweet Home »
Skewed Rainbow Screenshot

As you may have guessed, Skewed Rainbow makes use of all the colors of the rainbow, except one (that’s why it’s skewed). It’s a bright theme on a dark background.

Read about and download Skewed Rainbow »
Arial Reloaded Screenshot

Arial Reloaded is a WordPress theme for the Arial font lovers (degrades to a sans-serif font) — it also helps if you like green with navy blue.

Read about and download Arial Reloaded »
Embellishment Screenshot

Embellishment is a deep red, elegant 2 column WordPress theme with a slight embellishment for the background image.

Read about and download Embellishment »
Bare Minimum Screenshot

Bare Minimum is a minimalist white, fluid two column WordPress theme using only a bare minimum number of graphics for decoration.

Read about and download Bare Minimum »
Black White, and Red Screenshot

Black, White, & Red is a very minimal two-column WordPress theme using only (as you guessed) black, white, and red nuances.

Read about and download Black, White, & Red »
Greyscale Screenshot

Greyscale may be grey all over (with white and a few hints of black), but it’s not a gloomy two column, fixed width WordPress theme.

Read about and download Greyscale »
Monochrome Screenshot

Monochrome is a very minimal, two-column fixed-width WordPress theme using dark brown as the base color.

Read about and download Monochrome »
Accidental Greyscale Screenshot

Accidental Greyscale is another two column WordPress theme, this time fluid, done in variations of grey. It’s accidental because it was supposed to contain another color, but I forgot to reset my color palate. Oops.

Read about and download Accidental Greyscale »
BTNRB Screenshot

Bringing Times New Roman Back (BTNRB for short) is dedicated to showing some love to the now-neglected Times New Roman font since Georgia has come into the picture.

Read about and download BTNRB »
Jail Bird Screenshot

If you like black, white, horizontal stripes and the occasional blue bird, then you’ll probably (maybe) like Jail Bird.

Read about and download Jail Bird »
Sheer Elegance Screenshot

Sheer Elegance is a light two column WordPress theme focusing on light nuances for decoration.

Read about and download Sheer Elegance »
Twinkle, Twinkle Screenshot

Twinkle, Twinkle is a celestial two-column fixed-width theme for stargazers (or wannabe stargazers).

Read about and download Twinkle, Twinkle »
Sleep, Interrupted Screenshot

Sleep, Interrupted is a playful theme for all the not-a-morning-person bloggers out there. Sleep plus sunrise equals less than happy.

Read about and download Sleep, Interrupted »
Off-center Screenshot

Off-center is a clean, simple, yet elegant theme that is slightly askew — basically, it’s a two-column fixed-width theme that’s not centered, but not flush left either.

Read about and download Off-center »
Pastel Paradise Screenshot

Pastel Paradise is relaxing theme with subdued colors, waterlily nuances, and clean lines. Be soothed by the pastels.

Read about and download Pastel Paradise »
Omit Needless Elements Screenshot

Omit Needless Elements, inspired by rule #17 from The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr., is as close to a sandbox theme (but really, it isn’t) as you’ll find among the August theme collection.

Read about and download Omit Needless Elements »
Sweetheart Screenshot

Sweetheart, with its soft colors and a single column, is a theme for…wait for it…all you sweethearts. Not to worry, it’s not overly sweet (at least, I hope not).

Read about and download Sweetheart »
Be Inspired Screenshot

Be Inspired is based on an earlier blog design that is no more. It’s meant to be a light, cheerful, and inspiring design for both you and your blog visitors.

Read about and download Be Inspired »
Zero Cool Screenshot

Zero Cool was once a candidate for a client project, but the client went in another direction. Figured, why let a perfectly slick theme go to waste?

Read about and download Zero Cool »
Three Square Screenshot

Three Square is a general purpose business theme with a twist – yummy bright colors instead of the traditional blue and grey.

Read about and download Three Square »
Deep Blue Business Screenshot

Deep Blue Business is another client mock up that I ended up neglecting after the client went in another direction. Geared towards the business-minded blogger (though, even if you’re not a business-minded blogger, you’re welcome to use it if it suits your fancy).

Read about and download Deep Blue Business»
Clean Mint Screenshot

Clean Mint is a very minimal theme with clean lines, small fonts, and a few minty fresh icons courtesy of FamFamFam.

Read about and download Clean Mint »
Around The Block Screenshot

Around The Block is an asymmetrical, yet professional-looking, general purpose theme with slight embellishments for some zeal.

Read about and download Around The Block »
Split Personality Screenshot

Split Personality is for the dual-blogger (pretty much everyone). Everyone has a split personality, the light and dark, now you can show them off. This isn’t your standard blog layout in that both the sidebar and content columns are the exact same width.

Read about and download Split Personality »
Simple Grey Screenshot

Simple Grey, in the vein of Greyscale, is a minimal grey theme, however, it contains a little splash of color.

Read about and download Simple Grey »
Simple Grey Lily Screenshot

Simple Grey Lily is Simple Grey dressed up a little — you know, in case you wanted something pretty to look at while viewing your blog.

Read about and download Simple Grey Lily »