Ultimate Diva Sandbox


For all of you would be theme designers, or if you just want to get your feet wet with one of my templates as a starting point, I present you with the Ultimate Diva Sandbox theme.
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Black White Red


You’ve heard the riddle right? You know the one – what’s black and white and read all over? I guess you’d actually have to hear it instead of reading it for it to be a true riddle, but you get the idea. Anyway, that riddle was the inspiration for this theme which is, quite literally, black, white, and red. Continue reading »

Be Inspired


Be Inspired was one of my blog themes from some time ago. It was one of those themes where I received an e-mail every other week asking “is the theme you’re using available for download?” Well, finally, yes it is. Enjoy.
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Sweetheart is a theme for all you sweethearts, without being overly sweet. A single column displays your content front and center, but worry not, there is a sidebar — you just need to create the page for it (there is a special ’sidebar-page’ template included). Continue reading »

August Themes

The month of August was spent creating 31 free WordPress themes. (This was no small task, and quite honestly, I’m ready for a nap.)

The completed themes are listed below along with a link to its individual entry where you can download it.
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